Quality Smoking Products in Ontario, OR

You’ve been to head shops before, but we guarantee you’ve never seen the quality products and extensive selection available at Old School Hand Blown Glass! We stock amazingly unique products, along with some of the best brands in the industry, available to all smokers throughout the Treasure Valley region.


Local, hand-blown glass

If you’re looking for glass water pipes in Ontario, OR, your clear choice is Old School Hand Blown Glass. Our name is a testament to the products we sell and when you shop with us, you’ll find locally-design, blown and fired glass that’s unlike anything else you’ll find in other shops. Whether you’re buying your first piece or upgrading to a new work of art, we’re happy to help.

We stock a wide selection of glass products, pipes and water pipes in Ontario, OR. If you’re looking for anything in particular, we’re happy to help! In fact, we also carry some of the finest glass in the industry, from brands that are well-known and loved, including:


Superior product selection

We carry a wide selection of smoking products and accessories, meant to elevate your smoking experience to its highest levels. Stop by our shop and you’ll find a supreme selection that includes:

  • Pipes
  • Water pipes
  • Papers
  • Detox products
  • Incense
      • Vaporizers
      • Dab accessories
      • Tools
      • Rigs


Quality brand names

Along with artisanal glass products, we also stock some of the most well-known names in the industry when it comes to products. We know that a quality smoking experience starts with quality products. Some of the brands we stand by include:

  • Kindpen
  • Raw
  • Juicy J
  • Element
  • 420 Glass Cleaner
  • 710 Cleaners
  • Klear Kryptonite
  • Evol Vape

Stop by our shop today and browse our exceptional selection of products! We guarantee you’ll love what you find! Or, if you’re looking for something in particular, give us a call today at 541-823-0123 if you’re looking for anything in particular. We’re happy to serve smokers from all across the Treasure Valley area!